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JASON ARNOPP is a British author and scriptwriter, with a background in journalism. He wrote the Lionsgate film Stormhouse, various Doctor Who things, a Friday The 13th novel and script-edited the Peter Mullan film The Man Inside. He's currently working on the screenplay adaptation of his novel The Last Days Of Jack Sparks. His next novel Key Man is due in early 2018.

JACK SPARKS died while writing this book. It was no secret that journalist Jack Sparks had been researching the occult for his new book. No stranger to controversy, he'd already triggered a furious Twitter storm by mocking an exorcism he witnessed. Then there was that video: forty seconds of chilling footage that Jack repeatedly claimed was not of his making, yet was posted from his own YouTube account. Nobody knew what happened to Jack in the days that followed - until now. 



MATTHEW BLAKSTAD's first career was as a professional child actor. From the age of ten, he had roles in TV dramas on the BBC and ITV, in films and at theatres including the Royal Court. After graduating from Oxford with a degree in Mathematics and Philosophy, he began a career in online communications. Since 2008, he's been in public service, helping people understand and manage their money.

SOCKPUPPET, his debut novel tells the story of fake internet personality sic_girl. Programmer Dani Farr create sic_girl to win a bet. But she’s just started spilling state secrets. And if Dani doesn’t figure out who – or what – is behind sic_girl, it won’t just be her privacy at stake. Because the more secrets sic_girl spills, the clearer it becomes: Nothing is private. No one is safe.


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MOLLY FLATT is an author and journalist who explores the impact of technology on publishing, culture and identity. She's Associate Editor of FutureBook, Associate Editor of The Memo, Digital Editor of PHOENIX, and she also writes for the likes of the Guardian and the BBC. 

THE CHARMED LIFE OF ALEX MOORE, her debut novel, is  race-against-time adventure with a speculative twist at its heart. Everything's suddenly going right for Alex Moore, the founder of a hot east London startup. But when bizarre events start happening, including being accused of murder by a wild-eyed stranger, a trip to the remote Orkney islands seems a great idea. At least until Alex stumbles upon an ancient secret - a secret that her meteoric success has royally messed up. The novel will be published by Pan Macmillan in spring 2018. 


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RAMON GLAZOV is a Perth-based writer and journalist. His writing has appeared in Jacobin, The Monthly and The Saturday Paper. He is the translator of Giorgio De Maria’s The Twenty Days of Turin.

GIORGIO DE MARIZ (1924-2009) was a pianist, critic, playwright, and novelist. 

THE TWENTY DAYS OF TURIN, a cult 1970’s Italian novel, available at last in English translation, investigates an outburst of mass psychosis grips the city of Turin. A dark metaphor for the political turmoil in Italy at the time, the story has uncanny parallels in today’s extremist terrors, and the social media that fuel them.


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SARAH LOTZ is a screenwriter and novelist with a fondness for the macabre and fake names. Among other things, she writes urban horror novels under the name S.L. Grey with author Louis Greenberg; a YA pulp-fiction zombie series, Deadlands, with her daughter, Savannah, under the pseudonym Lily Herne; and quirky erotica novels with authors Helen Moffett and Paige Nick under the name Helena S. Paige. She lives in Wales with her family and other animals.

THE WHITE ROAD begins when adrenalin junkie Simon Newman travels into the bowels of a notoriously dangerous caving system, intent on generating viral video content. But the guide he's hired is as unpredictable as the watery caverns beneath the earth. Simon’s life is about to change for ever.


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FELICIA YAP grew up in Kuala Lumpur. She read biochemistry at Imperial College London and history at Cambridge University. She has worked as a cell biologist, a war historian, a university lecturer, a technology journalist, a theatre critic, a flea-market trader and a catwalk model. Felicia is The Observer's Rising Star for Fiction (2017) and YESTERDAY is her debut novel.

YESTERDAY, her debut thriller, is about a murder that takes place in a world where most people only remember yesterday. A dead woman’s body is found in the River Cam. Suspicion falls on Mark, the man she had been sleeping with, and his wife Claire. But how do you catch a killer when all who are involved have limited memories, including the detective investigating the case?