OFF Book

the club night where new writing leaps off the page and onto the stage

Fiction leaps off the page and onto the stage

 It’s great to hear your favourite writers read from their work, but how much better would it be to have their scenes truly come to life? 

We think fiction deserves to be as thrilling live as it is to read. That’s why we created OFF book – a night where new writing leaps off the page and onto the stage. At OFF book, writers get the chance to see a scene from their work transformed into theatre by talented performers. And emerging performers get the chance to perform cutting-edge stories. Along the way, there’s fiction-related music and comedy, and interviews with creators. It’s the perfect way to discover new writing and acting talent, and to get closer to the creative process.

OFF book makes it fun to discover new fiction. It’s the perfect club night for venues and festivals with an arts or literary focus. Our set-up needs are minimal: a bare stage, a sound system and a basic lighting rig. We create everything else.

It's a chance to see familiar faces and discover tomorrow’s talent, in a fast-paced irreverent atmosphere. But most of all a chance to see great contemporary writing brought to life






Who we are and how we came to be

 OFF book is the brainchild of:

  • actor, singer and novelist Tracey Brown
  • novelist and actor Matthew Blakstad

We met through performing together as students and we share a passion for great theatre and great writing. Not so long ago we were talking about how hard it is for both new writers and up-and-coming actors to be seen and heard.  And Tracey had an amazing idea: why not give brilliant actors a chance to be seen by getting them to perform exciting scenes from new novels that deserve to be read?

And so OFF Book was born.